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With our proven strategies that generated 750X ROAS for multiple businesses for the last 6 years

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Some of the results we have generated

We've helped 60+ businesses to generate more sales and leads

Generated 2275+ Highly Qualified Leads in less than 4 months solely with Google ads

Generated 1645+ Highly Qualified Leads in less than 2 months solely with Google ads

Generated 6500 Highly Qualified Leads with Rs. 27 lead cost with Google ads

Generated 1000+ Sales solely with Google ads

Generated 999 purchases worth Rs. 10 Lakhs with 9.34 X ROAS in a single campaign.

We spent 1.04 Lakhs and achieved CAC of Rs. 104

Generated 18.64 Lakhs in a single campaign maintaining 10X ROAS.

We spent 1.85 Lakhs in ad spent and achieved a cost per purchase of Rs. 180.

Generated 8x to 11X ROAS for all 5 campaigns for a baby care brand

which generated 409 purchases worth Rs. 7.5 Lakhs

Generated 9 Lakhs with an average of 8X ROAS.

We have generated 6.5X, 7X, and 10X ROAS for 4 campaigns. The overall cost per click was Rs. 4

This D2C Brand was struggling to even break even. After we revamped their website,

did the proper copywriting, and started ads, in the next 45 days we generated 9.36 Lakhs

Generated 4000 highly qualified leads at Rs. 11 per lead cost with Facebook ads

Generated 15,12 and 11 X ROAS with Facebook ads in a single ad account

Generated 15X and 8X ROAS with Facebook ads in a single ad account

Generated Rs. 78000 in Sales in a single day with Facebook ads for a new D2C Brand

this Skincare brand was struggling to generate even 1 Lakh sales in 9 months.

We helped them to generate sales of 37 Lakhs with 3289% growth in sales in less than 5.5 months

Generated RS. 3.72 Lakhs in less than 6 days with Facebook ads

If you are an entrepreneur

and facing any of these....

Your ads are not profitable & ROAS is dropping

The cost per purchase is too high to become profitable

You're not getting enough sales & leads

Your competitors are getting sales and you are just burning money on ads

You are frustrated with junk and invalid Leads

and wasting your ad budget

Your ads were doing well earlier, now they are not performing

And you have tried multiple things just to waste time and money

Your competitors are profitable but not you

Your competitors are crushing and you are barely breaking even

Leads are not converting

you are getting leads but there is no conversion

and you have tried multiple things watching Gurus on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram Reels

just to waste time and money

We can help you with the right strategy to supercharge your sales and leads

no half-baked theoretical knowledge, no dream selling, get actionable insights

Why We Are the Best Growth Partner for You

we will not only run ads or build websites for you, but our team will also brainstorm new ideas with you and mentor your team in operations for better conversion

Exceptional Track Record

of achieving an average 750X+ ROAS for multiple businesses for the last 6 years

Consistently and profitably

Experienced & Expert Team

with a combined experience of over 32+ years.

We are not college pass-out guys who are here to spend your ad budget to learn

Lightening Fast Execution

no need to wait for weeks for strategies or changes to be implemented. We help you to grow rapidly

Dedicated Account Manager

unlike just a weekly meeting our dedicated account manager will be available for you 6 days a week

Get flooded with Sales and Leads just like our clients

In the past 1.5 years, we have helped 55+ brands to generate more sales and leads including

and many more


My name is Arnab Gharai

I'm the founder of Perfect Panda

As an entrepreneur, you have certainly realized that Google & Facebook ads have changed.

It's not just pressing some button, starting an ad, and getting sales.

It's much more than that.

Most business owners and even marketers just start an ad and hope for sales without knowing how the sales process works.

Do you know that, in the last 1.5 years 70% of businesses have shut down

only because of unplanned strategies?

You must have tried different strategies watching youtube and LinkedIn just to waste

time and money.

Every business and every ad account is different.

So it's not one strategy fits all.

At Perfect Panda, we emphasize this. We study your business, your products or services, and your audience and craft messages that resonate with your audience.

So we create a tailor-made strategy that is best suited for your business based on facts and data. So it is instead a calculated educated strategy not just random testing.

So we not only help you to save your ad budget but to generate an additional 20-30% more ROI with your ads.

Not only ads we do have all the services which you may need to get most of your ads.

60+ Businesses

We have worked with


The average ROI we have generated

6+ Years

In the Industry

Our Services

to Sky Rocket Your Business

We have all the services to grow your sales and leads

Google Ads

To get quality leads and sales

Lead Generation

Get qualified leads that convert

Facebook Ads

To scale your business profitably

Shopify Website

Design and Revamp

WordPress Website

Design and Revamp


Creating compelling message that sell

Unbiased Reviews from Our Clients

Apala Bardhan

Perfect Panda team has revamped our website and since then we have seen a 300% growth in website traffic. Our website conversion has increased up to 200%

Aritra Bikash Dhar

I took a lead generation service from Perfect Panda. My leads have increased up to 400% and I have seen the best season so far for my gardening business.

Aakash Agarwal

We were making negative ROAS with our ads. In the first weak only the Perfect Panda team took the ROAS to 3.5X. The team is working on the website and branding elements now. Once it is completed we expect more sales and even better ROAS.

Vasukumar Nair

We have seen a 50% growth in sales after the Perfect Panda team revamped our website and started our ads.

How we do it

No fancy words, no jargon, get your business sorted in just 3 simple steps

Get a FREE Strategy Call

where we will understand your business, your product, and your audience and will give you a custom strategy best suited to your budget

90 Day Growth Plan

We will create a detailed roadmap to meet your business goals and start working on it


Our team of experts will work, implement, monitor, and report with complete transparency to track the progress

Here are some case studies

you would love for sure

We generated 1200+ High Quality Leads in less than 45 days with Rs. 40 cost per lead with Google Ads

Generated 6500 high-converting leads with a cost per lead of Rs. 27 with Google ads

We generated 37 Lakhs in less than 5.5 months with 7X ROAS only with Facebook ads

Generated 16 Lakhs in less than 2.5 months with 8.5X ROAS

Scaled this new brand to 12 Lakhs in less than 1.5 months with 7.5 X ROAS

Generated 1000 Sales worth 10 Lakhs with 9.34X ROAS in a single Facebook ads campaign

Generated 11 Lakhs in sales with all prepaid orders with 8.7X ROAS

Scaled up a new D2C brand with a 450% increase in sales with Facebook ads. Achieved 8X ROAS

Meet the team

Arnab Gharai

Paid Ads & Website Expert

Mita Mukherjee

Creative & Graphics Expert

Chanchal Dey

Senior Media Buyer

Shriyog Wable

Senior Copywriter & Media Buyer

Arpit Vishwakarma

Senior Media Buyer

Dipa Mukherjee

Content Strategist

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We accept Bank transfers, UPI, Cards, NEFT, and IMPS whichever is best suited for you

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we often share exciting goodies and rewards as a token of appreciation and partnership as we grow together

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the charges ?

As every business is different, it needs different strategies and resources to solve a business problem and meet a goal. So we can tell you the price once we understand more about your business, your challenges and your goal. For that, you can book a free Strategy session now.

How do you work ?

We have a team of experts who takes care of different areas. We will share the strategies and timelines once we start working. Based on the roadmap we will proceed.

How can I take the service ?

Book a FREE Strategy Call, where we will understand your business, your product, your customers, and your challenges. Based on that we will give you a custom strategy, a tentative budget and timeline. If we are a good fit for each other we can start working.